Book four, a Christmas novella, The Recollection, begins with Gracie’s mother, Becky, becoming friends with Katie, the other grandmother of Mark and Kathy’s twins. When Becky invites Katie over for tea, Katie sees an antique Crazy quilt on an antique bench at Becky’s house and remembers it from her grandmother’s photo album. But how is that possible? Katie grew up in Illinois. Gracie and David take on the task of investigating the situation, even on Christmas break. 

Marie, the other narrator, tells the story of losing the family farm during the Great Depression and packing everything up that didn't get sold at the auction. Marie has two little girls and a wonderful husband—and his parents. Her father-in-law Samuel is a carpenter and inventor and has built a truck house so they won't be homeless. The men want to go west and look for work. Then, they get a phone call that changes their plans.