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I pitch my series as Women's Fiction with a twist of history, mystery, faith, and love. However, it's steeped in the Midwest.

Every family has secrets and stories to be discovered. When we learn about our family history, it strengthens our resolve and faith. Those of us with deep Midwestern roots understand the cycles of sowing and planting, of generations farming the same land, and learning our family stories while visiting country cemeteries. 

Above. My family decorating graves for Memorial Day weekend.  I'm the little girl with a scarf on the left, with my cousin Jon, grandma Nellie, great-grandma Eva, mother, and aunt Jeanne holding baby Richard. There were always stories to tell as we decorated each grave, and family pictures were always taken. Here, we're behind Grandpa Lee's tombstone and my father is probably taking the picture. 

Each book focuses on a quilt, a time in American history, and has dual timelines and narrators, starting with The Gift. In the present day, Gracie O’Connor learns about her family history, while her Grandmother Grace tells the story of three Iowa farm girls who went to California during WWII.

Book One, The Gift, is coming out in the Fall 2022

The Series

Book One, The Gift (WWII and the California patchwork quilt)

Book two, The Legacy (The Civil War and the Rustic Rose quilt)

Book three, The Promise (WWI and Grandma Mary's Wedding Ring quilt)

Book four, a holiday novella, The Recollection (Depression era and the Crazy quilt)

Book five, The Sacrifice (Vietnam and Uncle Rich's military valor quilt)


Book Launch Newsletter, October 2022

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