Book Two

Book two, The Legacy, explores the mystery of who made the red and green Civil War era quilt and whether the Underground Railroad came through Jubilee Junction. Gracie’s paternal grandmother Molly gives her a quilt and asks her to verify if it dates to the Civil War era and discover who made it. Sarah, Gracie’s great-great-great grandmother, narrates her story of taking five slaves to freedom with the help of four Union soldiers from Jubilee Junction. Gracie has a new boyfriend, David. He proves invaluable, as they uncover some surprising twists in Gracie’s family tree and deal with the consequences of racism and a White Supremacist group.

A journey to freedom

 Here is the cover of the second novel, which I love! It shows Rebecca, the freed slave, and Sarah, the young widowed schoolteacher. Sarah is the narrator of the Civil War story.  My publisher used AI to put these two women's pictures together.

I decided to celebrate the arrival of the second book by dressing up in Victorian garb--a skirt and blouse. Plus an old fashioned purse called a reticule (think 1800's fanny pack!) that I found on Etsy. 

Here I am, getting the shipment of paperbacks, below. The new map for Book Two, The Legacy--the frontier town of Jubilee Junction.

Last Updated January 12, 2024